Cheryl is a prophetic voice advocating for the renewal of the church, the care of creation, women’s full empowerment, and the re-enchantment of the Bible.

Cheryl’s academic career has spanned thirty-three years. She has distinguished herself as a writer, lecturer, and leader in the Academy.  She is a Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology and past President of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. 

Cheryl loves preaching and teaching the Bible. 

Areas of academic interest: Women’s studies, feminist theology, Pentecostal theology, creational theology, and the practices of ministry.

Most often you will find Cheryl on twitter, but she recently decided to act her age and re-join Facebook.

She’s too vain for the vanity of Instagram.

Cheryl is a wise elder with a burden for those deconstructing toxic aspects of their faith. She seeks to offer a way to be claimed again beyond the wilderness of criticism. 


Cheryl’s latest book is Seven transforming gifts of Menopause: An Unexpected Spiritual Journey.  This book goes far beyond hot flashes and gets to the very heart of the midlife journey, helping women find their unique voice and speak their truth in an era of #MeToo and #ChurchToo. Coming alongside readers as a wise spiritual guide, pastor and theologian Cheryl identifies seven key developmental "tasks" of menopause and gives practical ways women can embrace each one. She encourages women to view these tasks as gifts as they experience the remarkable physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that occurs in this stage of life.